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Ancient Greece

This show is ideal for events that dare to manifest the vibe of the Anicent Greece. A notion of the Greek culture accompanied by a special dance & music spectacle. The Ancient Greek culture is evident throughout the entire concept from the astonishing Ancient Greek costumes to the music instruments and dance movements. 


  • Welcoming the guests in a theatrical way alongside a musician who carries and plays the traditional drum"Davul" (from the entire team).

  • A choreography from 4 ancient greek priestesses (Hiereiai) 

                   -Hiereiai: was the tile of the female priestesses in the Ancient Greek religion. They were servants of the Greek Goddesses and one of their many duties were to officiate private rituals. 

  • The light of the fire from Goddess Athena

  • Dancing wrestle - a fight of 2 ancient Greek Gods.

Basic Team: 4 Hiereiai, 1 Goddess Athena, 2 Ancient Gods, 1 musician.

Suitable for events with a capacity of more than 80 people and a standby time of the artists of 2 hours. 


*Upon agreement the number of people that accompany the team can be customized based on the client's needs. Extra fees included. 

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