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ShowMeArt ExclusiveShows was established in February 2022 by two visionary, highly experienced women in arts, Eleni Gkalkanopoulou & Tatiana Pitsineli whose goal is to offer exceptional entertainment services. The company's goal is to provide  prestigious concept shows ideal for:

  • Stages

  • Business Events

  • Private parties in Villas and Yachts

  • Weddings & Christenings

The primary purpose is to provide the clients with a memorable and unforgettable experience which can be totally customized to their needs and wants. We proudly provide a plethora of high-quality services in the entertainment business which is supported by an exceptionally competent team from a wide range of artists such as dancers, musicians (guitar, violin, Greek davul) singers, DJ's, acrobats, special effects – fire spectacles. All of the above are accompanied by beautiful costume styling.

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